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Although we often strive to try to prevent a disaster from occurring on our computers that causes the loss of our data, sometimes it is impossible. That is why it is usually a good and intelligent measure to take precautions and make backup copies of everything we consider important within our computer equipment (PCs, laptops … and the rest of the information we have dispersed among our hard drives). Today we want to talk about EaseUS Todo Backup Home, an application that allows you to make backups easily and recover them in case one of those disasters that we mentioned to you happens …

We have already spoken to you on previous occasions about EaseUS, since this company specializes in the development of applications that allow us to recover data, such as with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro. Let's see everything EaseUS Todo Backup Home offers us.

EaseUS All Backup Home

Features of EaseUS Todo Backup Home

As one could expect from any software that performs backups with EaseUS Todo Backup Home we can backup our important data and recover the entire system in seconds.

Backup of our files and system

With All EaseUS Backup Home We can easily make an automatic backup plan to protect our operating system, hard drive, partition, files and our email.

Clone hard drive

Another of the features offered by this tool is the possibility of cloning our hard drive in a simple way. This becomes a very simple way to update our computers and migrate everything from an old hard drive to a new one. If you are going to change the hard disk of an HDD to an SSD, or increase the size of the hard disk by another of greater capacity, this tool makes it easy for us.

Quickly restore the system

If we have a hardware problem with a hard disk, or we have suffered the attack of a virus with EaseUS Todo Backup Home we can recover from these unexpected problems in a fast way. We know how important this is sometimes, so having an application that allows us to get out of these situations in a simple way is a success.

With EaseUS Todo Backup Home we can quickly recover the data in case of hardware failures, blocking and as we told you about the virus attack.

Price of EaseUS All Backup Home

This application is available through an annual subscription of 27 euros. Although I think it is much more interesting to pay 55 euros that will allow us to enjoy lifetime updates of this product. In two years we will have amortized the monthly payment … so that option is much more attractive.

The application works on different versions of Windows from Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and Windows XP. We will receive the license code in our email after making the payment.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home reviews

As they say, prevention is better than curing and backup applications have become essential. Although Windows 10 and other versions have recovery points that allow us to solve some system failures this will never be as effective as making a backup.

In addition this application allows:

  • Transfer operating system to new hard drive without reinstalling Windows
  • Make incremental backups of Windows
  • Migrate Windows 10 from an HDD to an SSD
  • Clone HDD from GPT to SSD on Windows 10/8/7 without boot failure issues

All really interesting options so in our opinion this is a great application that you should have if you have a Windows operating system. That said if you need a program to create backup copies then EaseUS Todo Backup is the application you were looking for.

Official page: EaseUS Todo Backup Home

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