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Huawei EMUI 10: filtered first changes and news

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Recently confirmed the best news for Huawei and its users. The bans on the United States government are coming to an end. Even with these active bans, the Chinese company does not stop at the development of new products, such as the next version of its software, EMUI 10, based on Android Q.

Thanks to a recent leak from FunkyHuawei, we have the first look at the software which is likely to be included in Mate 30 later this year. The software is in the "preview" phase, But it is remarkably stable for software that will not be available for up to 3 or 4 months.

Visual changes

So far, visual changes in EMUI 10 they are not too flashy compared to the previous version of the Huawei software. EMUI has a new logo, but the interface is online with what we remember from EMUI 9.1. We will meet with Bright white and blue tones everywhere.

The biggest visual changes so far are the weather widgets. These have a touch of color compared to the previous one, and this is also reflected in the Weather application. The quick configuration drop-down list It has also been modified with a new black gradient effect.

Huawei gesture navigation It works the same as before, which is actually the same Google gesture navigation on the Android Q vanilla. The task change animation is now A bit more gil and more pleasant.

There are also some minor color and design adjustments in some of Huawe's integrated applicationsi. In addition, this compilation shows false information about the version on its "About" page, which is common for preliminary versions on Huawei phones. Instead of reading EMUI 10, the firmware claims that it is actually version 9.1 that runs on a Huawei P10. This is usually done, ironically, to prevent information about the next software and phones from leaking.

What's new in Android Q

EMUI 10 will contain the features of Android Q. In summary, Android's permission and privacy management system It has been reviewed, with indications for one-time or permanent access to confidential information (such as our location). In addition to a new dark mode in the whole system, a new sharing system and much more.

Changes in Leica camera application

The new EMUI 10 camera application have changes in your visuals, with the biggest difference between the source and cone changes that move away from the Leica style we have seen in recent generations.

The new user interface of the camera is much more in line with the rest of EMUI. The physics of scrolling between different camera modes seems smoother, as does the slightly redesigned zoom level change on the right side.

The “vivid”, “soft” and “standard” color options they have been replaced with a lot of filter options, which dramatically changed the appearance of the photos. And there is also a new intensity slider which allows to control the strength of the filter.

Apart from that, there are no important new features of the camera. Instead, Huawei seems to have focused on the review of the design language of the camera application In this initial version.

Will arrive with the Huawei Mate 30

It's very probable that there are more changes in more advanced versions of the software. EMUI 10, based on Android Q, is expected to arrive with the Huawei Mate 30 series. The company has already confirmed that 17 of its existing phones will receive the update.


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