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Google Camera will have a greater range of colors in your photos

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Every year, the cameras of our smartphones are getting better and better, and it seems that Android is currently at the forefront of image quality in this field. However, all smart phone cameras with Android have a limitation, and that is the color range of your images. While many argue that the cameras on the latest flagships of Android capture more visually pleasing shots than the last iPhones, one of Apple's advantages is its ability to capture a wider range of colors. The Google Pixel 4 can change that.

SRGB vs P3 color gamut

IPhones capture images in the P3 range. This is a range of colors that is 25% larger than the sRGB color space used in Android phones. Apple has admitted this on all its devices since the launch of the iPhone 7 in 2016. Google for its part has just begun to announce its future support, three years later. At this time, when viewing an image captured by an iPhone (7 and later) on an Android device, if the image on the iPhone camera captures colors that are outside the sRGB color range, the Android screen does not display those colors correctly more vivid, instead, “Crop” to the nearest color range in the sRGB color space.

Actually, this is due to the lack of Android color management in their applications. But this goes hand in hand with capturing photos of wide color range (P3), since color management is necessary to see these photos well in the first place.

The P3 color space reach the Google Camera

Last month, Google announced that photos with wide color range (P3 color space) were coming to Android. However, he did not give time for this to happen. But last year it was detected that filtered photos of Pixel 3 contain an integrated color profile P3. This is the same range of colors that Apple devices use to capture images. This suggested that Google Pixel 3 will support wide-range color capture, but when the device became official, apparently the function was reversed and continue capturing images in the sRGB color space.

In the gif above we see a photo taken in sRGB color space compared to one in P3 color space. The difference between both color spaces it is more evident the more colorful the scene is. For example, a green and blooming garden appear more radiant and contrasted. With Google’s announcement of wide-range color photography (P3), they’re finally starting to increase support facing the launch of the Pixel 4 ms ahead.


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