Google Chrome prevent you from suffering fraud when entering a site

Google continue improving your browser Google Chrome. It is not something that will surprise anyone if we tell you that Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world with a use of more than 65%.

We have already spoken to you on previous occasions of some Google Chrome news… Another of the next news that we will see shortly help fight fraud. Google Chrome prepares to fight against sites that use similar URLs, in which a letter can be almost invisibly replaced by another letter or a sign, which allows clueless users to fall for various sites … (for example / or and the like).

In some cases and if it is simply for an error in writing, often, the browser simply display an error message, indicating that there is no such address on the web. But many times there are people who want to take advantage of users. Some hackers or pirates, I prefer to call them directly scammers deliberately create sites very similar to others in order to fool the users who visit them.

Google Chrome

In this case, the Google Chrome browser will soon be one of our best weapons to prevent us from falling into one of these scams. Since we notify if we arrive at a site that uses a URL similar to another.

In the following stable compilation, the Chrome browser may open a website with a similar address, but notify the user that perhaps he should follow the correct link and offer the most logical and safe option. If the site carries a potential threat, the user will receive a notification about it even before pressing the Enter key.

So far, this functionality is being tested in the experimental browser of Chrome Canary, and finally reach the final version of Chrome.

Source: ZDNet

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