Google removes 85 apps from the Play Store with 8 million installations to include adware

It has happened again and we have lost count of the times. Security in the Google app store is once again challenged. Despite the promises of the Mountain View company to improve the security of the applications of the Play Store, the only certain thing is that this is again news and not for good.

If a little more than a month ago it was discovered thanks to a study that more than 1000 applications skipped Android security restrictions although you would not grant them permissions without also forgetting the hundreds of malicious applications that promise to update our version of Android, Today we learned that Google has just removed up to 85 new applications to include adware.

85 Play Store applications with millions of downloads removed for including adware

Trend Micro has learned that up to 85 applications have been removed by Google for including adware. The worst of all this is that they were not unknown apps, with little visibility and virtually no downloads, if not that they worked on applications of photography and games with up to 8 million downloads combined.

The adware in question, called AndroidOS_Hidenad.HRXH, not only made advertising appear quite complicated to close but also skipped any type of control thanks to a series of very advanced techniques and so far unknown. In another order of things, Trend Micro seal that This adware should only have affected phones with versions prior to Android 8.0 Unfortunately, according to the latest Android distribution data provided by Google, they are the majority of users.

Obviously it must be quite difficult for Google to control the millions of applications it has in its store, but news like this, they are the ones that make users lose confidence in the operating system. Google, it's time to get much more serious and restrictive with Android security.

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