How to know if an extension is safe and virus free

Today, several famous web browsers are providing the option for users to install and run extensions or add-ons. This is to expand the functionality of web browsers and, ultimately, grow the superuser experience for users while browsing. Although these extensions can be very useful, there are some problems that make web browsers slow down, interrupt these extensions. This usually occurs when the security of the extensions has not been verified. There are some ways in which users can check the security of extensions while installing them in the web browser. Here in this article, you will know about the forms that must be implemented to ensure that browser extensions are secure before installation. If you are interested in knowing these methods, please go and start reading the main section of this post. So, today we will know how to know if an extension is safe.

How to know if an extension is safe

Below are the things you need to consider before installing the extension since these are the ways I normally consider before downloading and installing any extension I usually do when writing guides on how to add different features in your Chrome browser. So let's take a look at the measures you also need to do. Check the extension elements below before installing.

See the developer's website

How to know if an extension is safe

Most of the time, you can discover more information about the engineer by touching the name, which is diverted to the developer's site. Do some research, see what you find. In case you do not have a site or the name does not have the connection with anything, at that time you may have to dig a little more. It is fortunate that we have more things in this summary. In addition, you can check the whois data of that website to find out who is the registrar of that website and some more details that will be relevant to track the owner of that extension.

Read the full description

How to know if an extension is safe

Read the representation and not simply part of it. Do it with all the description and look for things that may have failures, such as following the information or sharing information. Not all expansions incorporate these points of interest, but some s. What's more, that's something you need to know. You can discover the representation on the right side of the application window, specifically next to the images presented to us on the page of the extension itself.

Watch the permissions

How to know if an extension is safe

Each extension will ask you for a series of permits. chale a good eye because many of them, in addition to dangerous, are intrusive. Do not allow or install anything that takes part of the power of the device, such as viewing your photos and videos. Use the logic.

Look at the opinions and reviews

How to know if an extension is safe

Check out the reviews and opinions of other users. Obviously omit those that do not argue anything, either to rate the product positively or negatively. You don't lose anything and you make sure.

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