How to make YouTube stop recommending videos you don't like

If you are tired of watching video suggestions that do not interest you, here we tell you how to solve the problem.

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Nothing is more frustrating than opening the home page of YouTube and watch recommended videos of kittens when what you really want to see are videos of puppies. You have never searched videos about fabrics, so why does YouTube think you like this kind of content? Well, don't worry because YouTube has a solution for this: it gives you more control over your YouTube homepage and the videos you see below.

Making a couple of changes to your settings will give you more control over your YouTube experience and show you more personalized videos.

The new update works on both Android and iOS, and will soon reach the Web version.

How to stop watching video suggestions you don't want

There are two ways to get rid of the suggestions of videos you don't want to watch: you can tell YouTube that you don't recommend specific channels or say you're not interested in watching a particular video.

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Option 1

Step 1.From the YouTube homepage on your phone, tap the icon of the two points next to the video you don't want to watch.

Step 2. Choose Don't recommend channel

Step 3.A box will appear that says "We won't recommend videos from this channel to you again". You can select More info (More information) or Undo (Undo).

Step 4.If you select more information, you will be redirected to the Google support page that explains how you can manage your search results and recommendations.

Option 2

Step 1.From your YouTube homepage on your phone, tap the three dots icon next to the video you don't want to watch.

Step 2. ChooseNot interested (I'm not interested).

Step 3.A box appears that saysUndo(Undo) orTell us why (Tell us why).

Step 4.If you select Tell us why, you can give a touch toI've already watched the video(I have already seen the video) orI don't like the video (I don't like the video).

You can keep doing this for videos and channels you don't like. This will personalize your YouTube account and thus remove from the suggestions the videos that do not interest you.

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