How to use your cell phone camera to translate on the fly


With a simple photo Google can recognize and translate the language of a text.

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If you are going to travel soon to a country whose language you do not know, do not worry, because Google will make it very easy thanks to the new update of Google Translate.

As announced by the company itself, its translation app has been renewed to include several new features, including the translation of 60 new languages. This means that you can translate up to 88 languages ​​from your cell phone, even just focusing the text (from a book, sign, newspaper) with your mobile camera.

But perhaps the most interesting function that comes with the Google Translate update is what allows the app to detect the language that is being translated on the fly without having to manually select which language it is. This function is especially useful if you are somewhere where several languages ​​are spoken or if you do not know how to recognize the language in question.

This is what you should do to translate texts automatically using your cell phone camera:

First download the Google Translate app for AndroidoiPhone and access the "camera" section in the start menu.

The camera in the application will open and in the upper left you can either indicate which language you want to translate or choose the "Detect language" option so that the app automatically translates it.

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On the left the real-time detection of a text with Google Translate and on the right a sample of how it translates from a file image.

Rika Garca / CNET

It is also possible to translate images that you have in your reel saved, to do this, tap on the "Import" icon in the lower right corner and choose the photo of the reel or galley of your phone that you want to use. Swipe over the text you want to translate and voila, the app will show you the translation.

These new features are not available in all languages, so if you want to know if a specific language can be translated with them, you should check it on the official Google Translate page.

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