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Huawei Ark Compiler is already open source

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Earlier this year, Huawei introduced its own Android compiler known as Ark Compiler. East (also known as Ark Compiler) arrived to speed up the execution of the code in the system. Your goal is improve the overall efficiency of the Android system making the compilation of applications more fluid. As previously announced, Huawei has finally opened the Ark Compiler for the public. The idea of ​​Huawei behind open source is to nurture the development ecosystem.

The above may play a important role in growth of Huawei's new operating system, HarmonyOS. However, the Chinese manufacturer has not disclosed any exact information, but if we believe in industry analysts, the company is establishing a basis for its own operating system.

Ark Compiler or Ark Compiler

This Huawei compiler support for optimizations at the system architecture level, which translates into a significant improvement in performance. This will make Android improve response and robustness against different actions. The Ark Compiler can improve the overall speed and fluidity of the Android system. It is a breakthrough over the performance of the virtual machine Dalvik and ART (Android Runtime).

Statistically, Ark Compiler improves fluency in a 24% the system response in a 44% and the smoothness of third-party application even in a 60% Ark Compiler offers the ability to convert some programs into machine code and run them directly on the CPU. Mainly, rejuvenates software implementation and it also improves garbage collection.

I could also improve the multitasking by optimizing many processes with the result of greater speed and performance. This will also bring best autonomous in the battery, and faster runtimes. Besides being compatible with all new Android devices. Therefore, this will end up being the best alternative for ART (Android Runtime).

This compiler was released along with the flagship terminal series Huawei P30 in April. Then he joined the Huawei Nova 5, Nova 5 Pro, the Honor 20 series, Honor View 20 and some other devices. Huawei plans to launch the new compiler for some more devices through software updates, such as the Honor Magic 2.

Download of the code

The interested users you can download the source code posted from the official Huawei Cloud website. Meanwhile, just wait for developers to be encouraged to use it to increase the performance of their applications on Android.


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