Huawei HongMeng OS not being an alternative to Android: report

Huawei's operating system is not designed to work on mobile phones, according to the executive vice president of the Chinese company.

Rika Garca / CNET

Huawei's own operating system, known asHongMeng OS, may not end in the cell phones of the manufacturer.

According to the Chinese state news agency, Xinhuanet, which was present at a press conference in Brussels on July 18 and starring Catherine Chen, executive vice president of Huawei, the company intends to continue using Android.

As Chen herself said at the event, HongMeng OS is currently considered only as an industrial solution, and will not be used in general-purpose devices such as telephones or wearables

The executive also added that this operating system has been in development since long before American veto, which made the company think of an alternative to Android. Recall that the executive order of the US government prevents companies from the country from having commercial relations with Huawei within the country. Among those companies Google is found owner of the Android operating system that until now is operating on Huawei phones.

Chen also said that HongMeng is a much safer operating system than Android by having a code more closed and shorter than this and that its latency is much lower, something that also said the founder of Huawei, Rei Zhengfei, in an interview with the French media,Le point.

Chen's words take away the previous rumors that marked HongMeng OS as the operating system that would replace Android on Huawei phones.

However, the vice president said nothing about the brand Harmony, registered in mid-July before the intellectual property offices of the United Kingdom and that could be the name with which Huawei will market its own operating system in Europe.

Huawei did not immediately respond to a request for comments sent by CNET in Spanish.

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