Microsoft multiplies security in OneDrive by two

Cloud hosting services are already common. Both Dropbox and Google Drive have become systems used on a daily basis. But there is more. One of the ones with more options but less known results is OneDrive, Microsoft's solution.

This cloud hosting service allows you to have documentation on Microsoft servers and access from anywhere.

Now the platform has announced an option that will dramatically increase the security of some of our files.

Personal Vault, the safe inside the safe

Both OneDrive and other alternatives often emphasize the security of their systems. Not for less, every time we host more information on the Internet. That's why Microsoft has decided to launch Vault staff, which is a folder within OneDrive.

The peculiarity of this folder is that we will not be able to open it like the rest of the files that we have hosted, but that we will need our own key for it. In this way, someone who has access to our OneDrive account could not access the documents in this folder.

The appropriate application suggests some information that can be stored here, such as a photo of our passport, invoices, an image of the ID …

The mobile application will even allow us to take photos directly of these documents to accommodate them in Personal Vault.

It will arrive at the end of the year

Although Microsoft has already announced it, this function will arrive later this year worldwide although some countries like Australia and New Zealand will have it before.

It will be unlimited for paid OneDrive users but not for free users. They may use it but only with a limited number of documents.

Finally, Microsoft has announced that it doubles the space of its payment plans, starting now from 100 GB.