Motorola has killed the videos vertically thanks to the camera of the new Motorola One Action

That mobile phones have revolutionized the world of photography and video is a fact. Being able to capture any moment and moment at high quality thanks to the camera of our smartphone is something that a few years ago we can not even imagine, and all this although there are still people who do it wrong.

We talked about recording the videos holding the mobile vertically, a fairly common practice and that when it comes to viewing a video on an elongated screen does not look good. Luckily someone has come up with a great idea, nothing more, nothing less than allow to record videos horizontally while holding the phone vertically.

Motorola One Action: Add to vertical videos

Presented just a couple of days ago, the Motorola One Action is the new device with which the company wants to reign again in the mid-range and / or entry as I already did in those distant times with its mythical and unmatched Motorola Moto G.

For this they wanted to bet with a renewed photographic section consisting of a triple rear camera with a wide angle sensor capable of capturing a field of vision of up to 117 called Action Cam, which also gives name to the terminal. Well, as we read from Motorola's own blog, the grace of this sensor among other virtues, is that as we have commented previously, allows to record horizontal videos holding the smartphone vertically, all without losing a bit of quality.

This way, the vertical videos on YouTube are over, which by the way renew their visual aspect even though nobody likes it, and those vertical videos that are usually shared in WhatsApp groups are also over. How is it that nobody had thought of this genius before? Thanks Motorola.

Remember that the Motorola One Action arrive at a starting price of 279 euros for the model with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage and will begin to be officially sold as of September 13.

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