Motorola's mobile phone will have a mid-range processor

After several weeks we have information about Motorola's mobile phone again. This device share market with the Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X, although not focused in the same way. The design has leaked on occasion and be very different from the bets of Samsung or Huawei. Today we know not to be the only thing different, because the Motorola Rarz It is expected to arrive for the mid-range and not for the high-end. Manufacturers like Huawei or Samsung have chosen to include the most advanced technology in their folding phones, hence we have 12 GB of RAM on the Galaxy Fold or a 55W load on the Mate X.

Both companies have included high-end processors with the same performance as other mobile phones in the market. The price justifies these high-end components, Nobody will spend 2,000 euros / dollars on a mobile with a mid-range processor. This is just what Motorola has thought for the Rarz, including a mid-range chip.

A phone of 1,500 dollars / euros with a mid-range chip?

The latest reports that have reached Lets Go Digital They tell us that Motorola almost certainly opt for a mid-range processor. It is news that leaves us somewhat surprised, because the device will cost about 1,500 dollars or euros, depending on the market. The source is one of the most reliable of the moment and therefore we must believe that it leaves us with real information about the device. Still, you can take the information with tweezers in case the flies.

This news leaves aside the section of the design, materials or any other detail of the device, because it seems quite absurd to create such a device to end up including a mid-range processor. A user who is willing to buy a mobile of this type does not think of money as a barrier and this leaves us with a difference of about 500 euros compared to the Huawei Mate X.

Many users may want to justify the use of a mid-range chip in a device that exceeds 1,000 euros, but the truth is that it does not make much sense. What is the difference in price between a Snapdragon 700 and a Snapdragon 855? Riding the second and charging the device at 1549 euros seems a more interesting strategy than direct the terminal to a mid-range market, where devices with similar specifications are around 200/250 euros.

It is information that we received long before the launch, so we cannot confirm it 100%. That's right, if the source is right, a Once again Motorola will show off its bad decisions when it comes to boosting its devices, something that has taken him from the top to where he is right now.

Source |Lets Go Digital