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Pokmon Masters arrive during the summer to Android

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In May, we learned about a financial information session of Welcome that the developer had joined The Pokmon Company to launch a game for smartphones based on the Pokmon license. Recently the study has revealed new details about this next title. Is called Pokmon Masters and apparently it's a game of 3 vs. 3 real-time strategy battle. The game reach Android in Some time this summer.

Pokmon Masters: 3-on-3 strategic battles

In Pokmon Masters the proposal is a bit different than we are used to in Pokmon. Instead of collecting directly Pokmon, we can “collect many different trainers. The top trailer details the fact that the coaches will be paired with certain types of Pokmon, so if your coach comes from a grass region in the new Island of Pasio, then they must be paired with a grass-type Pokmon. Essentially, you will venture through this island gathering coaches to form teams of 3 people. This teams fight against other teams of coaches in waves, as will be done in MARVEL Strike Force for example.

A lot of “fanservice” is expected, since you will meet many of the flagship trainers of the main Pokmon series. So far they have been provided few additional details. We still don't know how to monetize the game, however it seems quite clear that Pokmon Masters use most of the strategies present in a free mobile game with micro transactions, points, energy, etc. So far, the only date revealed for the launch It is a reference “summer 2019”. We still do not know exactly how many Pokmon will appear in the title, although it seems that many different generations that range from Red and Blue to Sun and Moon.

Arrive sometime during the summer

We have known about the existence of Pokmon Masters for a short time, but although it is good to have a name to put in the game, it would have been nice if it also offered a better idea of ​​how to play exactly. While many users would have preferred something a little more original than another strategy-based battle game, it is certain that most Pokmon fans will launch this release with pleasure. once I arrive this summer. Hopefully, DeNA will provide a closer look at the characteristics of the next release before that day arrives, so we will have a better idea of ​​what to expect exactly.


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