Razer joins forces with Mousesports

Mousesports joins Team Razer in a new alliance.

I think everyone on Planet Red should already know Razer, one of the leading brands in the development of devices for gamers ranging from mice to helmets or wireless keyboards such as BlackWidow Elite. Today we talk to you about this company since it has joined forces with the Esports team Mousesports, the most successful German Esports team.

This collaboration unites two leading names in Esports, working together to achieve new goals in the regional and global spaces of Esports.

As part of this collaboration, Mousesports players will see improved equipment with a wide range of Razer peripherals, including keyboards HuntsmanElite Y BlackWidow Chroma V2 Tournament Edition, the rats DeathAdder Elite Y MambaElite, and headphones Kraken Tournament Edition.

In the field of consoles, Benjamin «Problem X» Simon, Street Fighter player and EVO tournament champion, as well as Mario «elast1Cooo» Pflumm, FIFA player and finalist of the 2018 Spring Bundesliga, will use the controls Razer Wolverine and Razer Raiju Tournament Edition

What is Mousesports?

Founded in Berlin in 2002, Mousesports It is one of the leading world Esports organizations for its long history of winning 31 tournaments titles ESL Pro Series Germany and ESL Championships in games like Counter-Strike, Warcraft III, Starcraft ii Y League of Legends, with prize winnings of more than 4 million dollars.

Mousesports currently has competitive teams in titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), League of Legends (LoL), Rocket League, StarCraft 2, Street Fighter V and FIFA 19.

Mousesports Counter-Strike teams have won the ESL Pro Series for 9 consecutive times, and currently their CS: GO team has sniper hollands Chris chrisJ de Jong among its ranks, winner of DreamHack Tours 2019 and a great performance prior to the 2018 ESL One New York. Your League of Legend team won its third ESLM LoL championship, and with it the German Championship. With the signing of Ben «ProblemX» Simon, Street Fighter V player, and Mario «elast1cooo» Pflumm, FIFA 19 player, as well as a Rocket League team, Mousesports continue to expand its competitiveness with new games where its professional players dispute tournaments.

Working alongside Team Razer, Mousesports will join a set of top teams and players from the world of Esports, as well as collaborate with Razer in the development and testing of new products through consultations, tests and feedback that will help Razer with its new products for the competitive gaming market.

For more information about Team Razer you can visit https://www.razer.com/team and for more information about Mousesports visit www.mousesports.com.

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