SPC IoT, the SPC app to control IoT equipment

The company SPC just launched new application to control equipment IoT (Internet of things or in english Internet of Things). This new App is available for Android and iOS.


The SPC (Smart Connection Products), is a technology company that launched mobile terminals a few years ago but that pivoted to focus more on other devices such as smart watches, electric scooters or speakers. In recent years he has launched the CCP IO application, capable of controlling a wide range of products with the same name.

Through this new application, the user can make all their equipment SPC IoT can interact with each other.

The SPC indicates that to install the application SPC IoT You have two options: search the Apple App Store, Google Play or access the SPC website and download from the links you will find there.

The first time you open the application you will have to create an account. We will have to enter the geographical region and the contact number or email data. We will receive a security code via SMS or email that you will have to enter to log in to the application.

The next step is to enter a password of 6 to 20 digits, which contains both numbers and letters. Next, we will create a set of spaces in the house where our IoT equipment is and that we want to control.

We will have to choose the type of equipment we want to add, having several options such as LED strips, thermostats, robot vacuum cleaners, lamps, cameras and humidifiers, among others.

In order for your team to start the search mode, we must connect it to the electrical network. The LED indicator starts to flash rapidly (2 times per second). If the device does not enter the search mode, press the button to restart for 5 seconds. Once found, select the "Confirm" option.

We will place our Wi-Fi password or select the network if it is no longer automatically connected. Then we will see a stopwatch in terms of percentage that indicates the progress of the installation of the equipment; If for some reason we cannot synchronize the equipment, we have to repeat the process.

Once the entire installation process is finished we can control the on and off of them in addition to other aspects thanks to this SPC app.


Greetings from the depths of the bytes.