The bare Motorola One Pro: four rear cameras

In recent months Motorola has marked a clear line with its new family of terminals, the Motorola One. We have already analyzed some and seen others. Now the one that could be the most powerful of all, the Motorola One Pro, has been leaked.

Four cameras in the rear area

As we see in the images, this model includes a very particular camera module with four photographic sensors, in addition to the brand logo and the LED flash.

The fingerprint sensor does not appear, so we assume that you will implement one under the screen. This model aims to be a high range although there are no benefits to confirm this.

This was going to be the Motorola Z4

Apparently, this new smartphone is the one we knew by its previous name, Motorola Z4, and as we have seen the Z4 announced, we see that Motorola would bet everything on the new family.

That Z4 is a mid-range terminal and it remains to be seen that this is a high-end terminal.

Filtered benefits

We said that there were not many benefits that made us think whether this mobile was high-end or not, but that does not mean that there are no leaked specifications. It will measure 158.7 x 75 x 9.8 mm and will have a USB charging port and headphone jack, which makes us think that it will not be a flagship.

There is no more data at the moment but it is very likely that Motorola will announce this new smartphone shortly since the filtered images are press renders, the images used in the promotion and marketing of the terminals.

In the back area we see that it puts Motorola One but not Android One so we will have to wait to see if Google's pure Android is used or the slightly modified version that Motorola implements in some models.