The manager for freelancers is also updated: this is Abaq

The digitalization of tasks has meant a change in the way we perform many tasks, and also in the way we hire certain services. The most common examples are streaming services, but we have also seen how we have gone from buying memories and hard drives to paying monthly for cloud hosting services.

Professionals are also seeing how the way they perform certain tasks changes. For example, it looks like using your bank account, with applications like Fintonic. Now it is also applicable to the agency that takes us taxes in the event that we are autonomous.

Controlling your taxes from an app

Abaq is a management service that is controlled from an application that we can download for free from the Google Play Store. The interface is quite simple, with two columns in which we control what we have entered, on the one hand, and what we are paying in taxes on the other.

If we need to speak with a manager we can do it by phone or by a chat, in addition to being able to ask for help for the change of manager, if we decide to take the step.

We can search each item using the search engine integrated in the upper part.

However, it should be made clear that the management service is not free as usual, having a cost of 39 euros per month. In spite of everything, it is a fairly contained price, and includes the scanning of 15 tickets and documents, being able to add more if we pay 50 cents for each one. But we can always put the data manually, or by sharing the documents from any application with Abaq.

The service includes the presentation of tax documents such as VAT or IRPF, which must be submitted to freelancers in Spain.