this sphere will make it look transparent

The smart bracelet of the Asian manufacturer has become the best option to consider, with permission from the Honor Band 5, when looking for a cheap smartband. And, within its price range, there is no better model than the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. More now that you can make it look transparent


Yes, one of the great virtues of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 comes with its customization options. We can change the order of the mens, and even install custom spheres to give a different touch to the bracelet. And this is precisely what we will do to achieve a simply impressive result.

How to install custom spheres on the screen of your Xiaomi Mi Band 4

All thanks to your full color AMOLED display. This panel offers amazing image quality. And now that we can make the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 look transparent, we have more reasons to value buying it. A design very different from the usual and that will make you show off to your friends. And it is very easy to get it.

So you can make the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 transparent

All thanks to Ranashok, a user of the popular platform Reddit, which has published the corresponding file to be able to change the sphere of your smart bracelet so that it performs that transparent effect on the screen so achieved. It is clear that its 0.95 inch panel gives much more play than we imagined.

You want to surprise your friends with this curious design. Well, know that the process to follow is really simple. The first thing you should do is, download the .bin file of the transparent sphere through this link. Once you have downloaded the file, touch cheat the application of the Mi Band 4 ..

To do this, open the application My fit and select the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 within Profile. Now, you should go to Wristband screen settings. Now, look for a skin that you don't like and synchronize it with the bracelet. Quiet, this sphere will be replaced by that of the transparent Xiaomi Mi Band 4. To do this, you must go to the following route from your smartphone: Android Data files watch skin local

As you can see, different folders appear with all the customized spheres that you have been using. There is a preliminary image that lets you see the image. The only thing you need is to look for the sphere you want to replace. Suppose it has the name ZXCZHXSDFNDAW.bin, add a "COPY" at the end to replace it. The result will be as follows: ZXCZHXSDFNDAWCOPIA.bin.

Now, look for the .bin file you originally downloaded, and change its name to the file you want to replace. Yes, the file «wfbuild_4», be renamed ZXCZHXSDFNDAW.bin. You put it in the same folder where the previous one was and ready. The only thing you should do is close the Mi Fit application and reopen it. If you have followed all the steps correctly, see that the bracelet interface has changed. Enjoy your new Xiaomi Mi Band 4 transparent and vacillate your friends with a very different design!