Weather HD, the weather on our iPad

With almost 5,000 applications in the iPad Store and going up, we can find real wonders for our iPad.

In this case we talk about Weather HD of the company Vimov, study that is also taking care of the version of the acclaimed Hexen 2 PC game for apple devices. But we go to what concerns us.

Weather HD is in charge of showing us the weather forecast of our town but in a way that surely nobody had seen yet. I leave a video for you to see the power of the program.

We can have multiple locations by switching between them by moving the finger from left to right (of course), or from top to bottom, it allows us to use the Ipad in a paired way and if we have the 3G version, using GPS, We can know the weather forecast of the place where we are at that time.

For me, this application to price of 0.79 , it deserves a hole in the first page of my iPad, replacing the application of the time that does not come with our devices. You shouldn't let her escape either.

You can leave your opinions about the program, through your facebook, twitter or openid accounts among others.