WhatsApp allow to hide the states of the people we silence

When it was created, WhatsApp was intended to be a mostly personal communication tool. There were other business solutions for work uses. The problem is that the service has become so massive in some countries that we already use it for everything.

This makes us have all kinds of contacts and what that implies: that we see their status even if we don't want to.

It is true that we can silence the states of some people if we do not want the application to notify us when there is a new one, but we will still see them. But not for long.

Hide muted states in WhatsApp

In the last beta of the application we have seen a new option that allows us to hide the states that we have silenced so that even if we go to the central tab of the application we will not see there the content of the people we do not want to see.

This option will be controlled with a button that will allow us to hide or show these silenced states so that, if we want we can put them back in the normal list, which will remain at the top of this section, as until now.

At the moment there does not seem to be any user whose option has been activated so, although engineers are working on it, we do not know if it is a matter of days or months until we see it implemented in all accounts.

It could also be canceled but, personally, I hope it is not so because it is one of the options I have missed the most since WhatsApp implemented the states in response to Instagram stories.