Xiaomi adds dark mode to its file manager

With the custom layer that most phones bring as standard Xiaomi, embodied in MIUI, also comes a collection of applications that provides a basic service to any user. Camera, phone, gallery… Y file manager. Some of those apps are valid for any mobile, not just Xiaomi. And if you want to try your file manager now you can install it updated.

Do you have the dark mode activated on your mobile and only download applications that adapt to that interface? Cited Xiaomi administrator joins the app club with an "almost black" interface. The backgrounds are not pure blacks, but they do have a dark gray that you will appreciate when you use the night manager. And at any other time: its appearance is much more grateful.

You do not need MIUI to use the Xiaomi file manager: download it now with dark mode included

As we said, one of the benefits of the application is that It is valid for the vast majority of Android devices since they don't have to be Xiaomi. It is not an exaggeratedly complete file manager, but it is enough and is left over to view all the elements of your smartphone, manage them between the different folders, you can clean your Android automatically and even connect with other devices on your network. More than enough.

The version V1-190621 of My File Manager It is now available in the Google Play Store for you to install (or update) without complications. It includes the dark mode that can be activated from the side of the application: Xiaomi has added a practical button for the task. In addition, the interface has been improved, the creation of folders has been optimized and the desktop icon has new shortcuts.

The renewed My File Manager Now available in the Google Play Store. In the event that it does not appear updated you can always go to the fast track and download it from Apk Mirror.