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Xiaomi Mi 3D Cinema Headset, a home theater in your head

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When we think of Xiaomi, we usually associate it with almost all kinds of existing technology product. There is almost no market in which Xiaomi has not put the toes, and when there is, it is only a matter of time before this changes. Chinese giants are not dominant in the area of movie headsets, but that is changing now. Just arrived the Xiaomi Mi 3D Cinema Headset, a system of Home theater that sits on your head.

Xiaomi Mi 3D Cinema Headset Specifications

The Xiaomi Mi 3D Cinema Headset has two screens of 2.54 inches and 1080p, both with one 95% NTSC color gamut. Are compatible with 3D visual effects And they had a 63 diagonal field of view. This is apparently equivalent to look at a 954 inch screen from 20 meters away. Apparently the screens they can function independently of each other, although I can't think of a specific scenario in which one will want to do that, but just in case there is the option. In addition, also there is full 3D support, which adds additional points.

Despite what it looks like outside, it's not a VR virtual reality headset. The headphone works through "screen casting" or screen transmission, which means that it must work in tandem with a different device for playback. Fortunately, My 3D Cinema Headset is compatible with all devices running iOS, Android, Windows or Mac OS. In terms of specifications, the headset has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage, as well as a battery that can last up to 3 hours of media playback.


All of the above looks very interesting, now you need to know what is its price. The Xiaomi Mi 3D Cinema Headset be offered in China for about 1299 yuan, which amounts to approximately 169 euros or 188 dollars. This price may seem high seen first without knowing much about the market for similar options. However, putting it in direct comparison against other rivals like the Cinego and its price of 499 dollars, the relationship between quality and price is quite favored.

This is not exactly a populated market, and Xiaomi clearly wants to settle in it also with its high performance options at a lower cost than the competition. Whether they succeed or not, it remains to be seen and wait to see if these products get out of the Chinese market.


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