27 voice commands to take advantage of Bixby on your Samsung Galaxy S10

Bixby is the name of the friendly virtual assistant created by Samsung for its devices. At first, using it was complicated because it was only available in English, but, after learning Spanish, the best thing is Learn to communicate with Bixby to take advantage of all the help What does it offer.

We already show you how you can get more out of your Galaxy S10 with 10 easy tricks to put into practice. Now, it's time to completely master the assistant who accompanies you. Then the list with the quick commands you should use to make Bixby the assistant that you have always needed.

27 voice commands to take advantage of Bixby on your Samsung Galaxy S10

Thanks to voice commands, it is not necessary for you to touch your Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 + so that it complies with the actions that you order. Bixby responds to thousands of commands, but we explain what are those that activate the functions you use most on your Galaxy S10.

  1. Capture the screen and share the image: “Hi Bixby, take a screenshot and pack it to frames".
  2. Download an app from the Play Store: “Hi Bixby, download application name from Google Play. "
  3. Create new contact: “Hi Bixby, add contact name as a new contact with him phone number".
  4. Read last messages: "Hi Bixby, read the last text message I received."
  5. Set an alarm: "Hi Bixby, set the alarm tomorrow at 8 in the morning."
  6. Use the calculator: "Hi Bixby, how much is 8 × 28?"
  7. Clean the notification bar: "Hi Bixby, delete all message notifications."
  8. Set a reminder: "Hi Bixby, ask me to water the pots today at 7 p.m."
  9. Know all your plans: "Hi Bixby, tell me today's schedule."
  10. Know the meteorological situation: "Hi Bixby, what is the weather going to be like today?"
  11. Open an app: “Hi Bixby, open the app Instagram".
  12. Search for something on the Internet: “Hi Bixby, look for Andro4all in Google".
  13. Know your physical activity: "Hi Bixby, how many steps have I walked today?"
  14. Remember where you left the car: "Hi Bixby, tell me where I parked the car."
  15. Listen to music: “Hi Bixby, play song name since app name".
  16. Knowing how much life the Samsung Galaxy S10 has left: "Hi Bixby, how much battery does the phone have left?"
  17. Remember summer vacations: “Hi Bixby, join me the pictures I took in Majorca".
  18. Achieve some light: "Hi Bixby, turn on the flashlight."
  19. Enjoy with the mobile: “Hi Bixby, give me a funny video of falls in Youtube".
  20. Delete confidential information: “Hi Bixby, delete all messages that contain the word password".
  21. Get a car for a ride: "Hi Bixby, get me an Uber to the bus station."
  22. Translate a text: "Hi Bixby, scan the text with the camera and translate it."
  23. Increase the general culture: "Hi Bixby, what is the speed of light?"
  24. Find an establishment: "Hi Bixby, what is the nearest gas station?"
  25. Get somewhere: "Hi Bixby, take me to the town hall."
  26. Call a contact: “Hi Bixby, call contact name".
  27. Remove what you don't need: "Hi Bixby, delete the last 4 pictures I've taken."

Voice commands are a great tool to use the most common functions of the Samsung Galaxy S10 without having to touch the screen. As you can see, Bixby can help you with everything you need, that's why getting used to using it is a great idea. In addition, Samsung has promised great news for its assistant. What are you waiting to use it?

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