Download the new Angry Birds: Dream Blast game now

Angry Birds was one of the first successes in mobile games, and certainly one of the most media. But since the launch of the original we have seen many versions, each one more different from the previous one.

Today a new call is launched internationally on Android Angry Birds Dream Blast, a game that is a mixture of Puzzle Bubble and Candy Crush, without neglecting the peculiar little birds. Until now it was only available in a few markets.

A very simple mechanism

The mechanics of the game are tremendously simple, but not having a small tutorial at the beginning some will be lost. The purpose of each phase is to achieve the number of elements that appear in the upper area of ​​each. Sometimes they are colored balls, others are eggs, etc.

To get them we have to press on the screen and exploit the maximum number of balls touched, in this way they will be added to our marker.

We will have a limited number of keystrokes, which will appear in the upper right corner.

Three birds to help us

Each time we explode a set of pieces, of a number equal to or greater than four, one of the three birds will appear. We can merge two red ones to get a yellow one and two yellow ones for a black one. Each one has a different effect.

  • Net: The red bird destroys a horizontal row of bubbles.
  • Chuck: The yellow bird destroys a horizontal row of bubbles and another vertical, cross-shaped.
  • Bomb: The black bird destroys all the bubbles that appear on the screen.

If we use all the movements we must start again or pay some coins. These coins can be acquired or earned.

Enhancers to make it easier

In addition to the birds, there are the enhancers, which are elements that we can obtain in different ways (by connecting, watching a video …) and that have effects in the game, such as eliminating a specific ball, reorganizing them or destroying several.

This game is free but has enough integrated purchases, in case we don't want to wait to recover lives or collect the gold we want.