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Exynos 9825 arrive on August 7, Samsung publishes teaser

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Over the past few years, we have seen that the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series they have been boosted by the same Exynos flagship processor of the year. However, that will change this 2019. The Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ will be powered for a new Exynos chipset that, as reported, arrive under the name of Exynos 9825.

Today, Samsung has confirmed that a new chipset will be launched on August 7. This is the same as the Galaxy Note 10 series. The official Twitter account of Samsung Exynos I shared a teaser video before launch. The eleven-second video reveals no technical detail about this future chipset.

According to the reports, the Exynos 9825 be a SoC developed in a 7 nm process. Result more efficient than the Exynos 9820, which is manufactured in an 8 nm process. The smallest node size should provide improvements in performance and energy consumption.

Galaxy Note 10 with Exynos 9825 VS Exynos 9820 on Geekbench

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 just left his mark for the first time on the benchmark platform Geekbench. The device is focused on the application of synthetic performance tests with a Direct comparison between Exynos 9820 and Exynos 9825 chipsets. The Exynos 9820 is the processor that powers the Galaxy S10 +, while the second is on board the Note 10.

The GeekBench list shows that the Galaxy Note 10 have the model number Samsung SM-N970F. The device is also listed to have 8 GB of RAM. The Exynos 9825 use the 7 nm ultraviolet lithograph from Samsung that is perceived as superior to the method of aging production of the TSMC foundry that is reaching the end of its capabilities.

As for the performance obtained, the new Exynos 9825 chipset aboard the Galaxy Note 10 is shown above the Galaxy S10 + scores in Geekbench. The processor achieves a single core score of 4495 points, and in the multi-core test, you get 10223 points. Meanwhile the Galaxy S10 + is listed with a single-core score of 4357 and a score of multiple cores of 10045. This puts the Note 10 in good position before the launch of Snapdragon 865 next year. It is likely that both chipsets occur on the same node.

Samsung announce the Galaxy Note 10 series in New York. A few days before, on August 5th to be precise, Samsung announce the Galaxy Watch Active 2. However, another product may be announced along with the phones at the event in New York. The event will be broadcast live on YouTube.

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