Facebook has listened to the audios you have sent and transcribed them

Facebook is not exactly a company that is characterized by being a strong defender of respect for the personal information of users, and in fact it has already had several scandals related to this matter. And it seems that, a priori, this type of information will not be released.

Yes, it seems that the social network has been listening and transcribing the audio messages you send to your contacts on Facebook Messenger, an activity, which, in our view of things, completely invades privacy of the users.

Facebook has heard your audios and transcribed them

Yes, you read that right, Facebook said it was listening and transcribing the audios you've been sending on Facebook Messenger with people, in order to verify that his Artificial Intelligence carried out the transcriptions of said audios well. Something that, they say, stopped doing more than a week ago.

However, Zuckerberg himself said long ago – in front of the United States Congress – that his company was not carrying out this activity to improve advertising based on the interests it offers to its users. Something that, Either it was a lie, or they have begun to do after their intervention in Congress.

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The company argues that they only do so in cases where the user gives their consent for the application to access the smartphone's microphone, something that happens whenever we send an audio message, and for which we only give our permission the first time an application requests it. For now it seems that Facebook has stopped collecting this information with humans to do so through Artificial Intelligence, so that soon you can enjoy better personalized ads based on your interests.

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