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Filtered specifications of the RedmiBook 14, the first Redmi notebook

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The RedmiBook 14 be the first laptop to reach the market under the signature of Redmi. It is expected to be presented in conjunction with the flagship (or flagships) Redmi K20. His name has appeared very recently, but beyond that we did not have more details. That has changed because today have emerged several of the most important specifications of the RedmiBook 14.

As the name implies, the RedmiBook 14 will have a 14 inch screen Use manufacturer processors Intel, counting on variants that mount Core i3, Core i5 and even Core i7. As for variants of RAM there will be versions with 4 GB and with 8 GB. With regard to internal storage we will have options with 256 GB and 512 GB.

The base model of the RedmiBook 14 mount Intel integrated graphics to reduce the price as much as possible. These will allow you to use the laptop for multimedia consumption and office work without any problem, costing you something more when executing games or graphic tasks much more demanding. The most expensive variants will have a NVIDIA GeForce MX250 integrated graphics card. The source reveals that it is only available in silver colour. There are no details of the price yet, but it will be cheaper than the equivalent Mi Notebook.

This notebook has already received certifications also, as the corresponding to Bluetooth S.I.G. In this it was revealed that the name of the product end up being RedmiBook 14. It is listed with a main model number XMA1901 – **. The figures in asterisks will result in their variants. From what you can see in the list, the amount of variants be huge, which makes suspect that have a launch with international availability. We could have a version of the RedmiBook 4 that will have a keyboard in Spanish beginning with our dear letter "" for example.

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