Finding my Google device now shows interior maps

The application «Find my device»Google now show internal maps of large buildings such as shopping centers and airports so that users can find their lost devices more easily.

Until now, when we lost a smartphone or tablet in a large construction of the type of a mall or similar, it was very difficult to locate the exact place without having any reference point. This happened because the application maps did not show any division of those spaces, simply pointing out the location indicated by the GPS in a large empty square.

The application of Google Maps In itself it is already able to show these internal maps for some time and even allows internal GPS navigation. Only the GPS is not exactly accurate indoors. Thus, even with the new internal division of large spaces, it can be difficult to find a mobile in a shopping center.

Google also announced the possibility of creating professional profiles in the Find my device so that companies can manage their corporate phones.

These updates are always well received … especially if you ever lose your smartphone.

Link to the app of Find my Google device.

Greetings from the depths of the bytes.

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