Gears of War for Android can be downloaded very soon

There are few games on Google Play as popular as Clash Royale. It is an application that takes several years between us and that has millions of daily players around the world. Today we have interesting news for all lovers of this type of card games and are played in arenas. Gears of War launch in a few days its game for Android with a dynamic and playability very similar to the one we have in Clash Royale. Of course, the characters in the series will be present in a somewhat different format than you can imagine. All be based on the world Funko Pop

These faces are collectible figures with hundreds of designs from different people in the cinema or videogames. The characters of Gears of War They also have their corresponding figures and now the company has decided to launch a game based on these figures. That's right, don't expect a simple delivery for children, the action remain present.

POP Gears! arrive on August 22 to all Android

The company announced this game a long time ago and it has not been until today when it has revealed an official arrival date. The game takes some time in previous Google Play registration, a state that changes in just a few days. August 22 was the date chosen by the company for users to download the game. It is important to say that it is free, although most likely to include payments within the application.

The game is based on Funko POP and have one gameplay very similar to that of Clash Royale. Two players face each other with one deck of cards and an arena where to release the characters. Each card has an attack and different characteristics, something that will have to be studied over the weeks.

POP Gears! have a chest system and rewards that, again, looks like the one we see in Clash Royale. You can get new characters and use them in your battles. We are sure that if you are a fan of the saga and you like the game of Supercell, this delivery must be in your mobile s or s. Podrs download this Gears of War for Android on August 22 from Google Play for free.

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