How to find the best wallpapers for your mobile

The wallpapers are a good tool to customize your mobile phone in an original way, giving it a unique touch that you will notice when you unlock it or are on the home screen. Finding the right image is not easy, that's why we bring you every week the best wallpapers for your mobile.

There are many more options to choose from, you can even put the inside of your mobile as a wallpaper. If this is not enough for you, we propose 3 different and easy ways for you always find thousands of free and original images for the screen Lock and start. We warn you, your only problem is having to choose only one.

How to find the best wallpapers for your mobile

The wide unsplash repository

Unsplash is a website dedicated to sharing millions of images that can be used without paying anything in return. How not, among its categories could not miss a section dedicated to wallpapers for Android. Upon entering it, you can see how images appear nonstop just by moving your finger from bottom to top.

Each wallpaper is accompanied by several categories and by clicking on each one you can access more photographs related to the subject. If you find the ideal wallpaper and want to do with it, click on the download button that accompanies it on the bottom right. Shortly after, start the process and the image will be saved on your mobile.

Browsing the Unsplash collection is the only thing you should do to find the ideal wallpapers for your phone. The great resolution of the images and their gratuity are points in favor difficult to overcome by similar websites.

Wallpapers, the Google app

See if the wallpapers you choose for the mobile phone are important, even Google has created an app specifically for this. “Wallpapers” is a program that you can download now for enjoy a collection that grows every day and that includes images from Google Earth, Google + and other services of the great G.

In addition to that collection, The app allows you to set wallpapers that change every day, Preview how an image will remain and choose different backgrounds for the lock screen and the start screen. Before entering the Google photo repository, you must give Wallpapers permission to access the photos, multimedia, files and storage so you can do your job.

The great Reddit thread

Reddit could not fail and also has a thread of wallpapers where users share their favorite images. Enter the page and go down to find more and more perfect pictures for your background. As you can see, not all have the same resolution, you should look for those that fit best with your mobile.

On some occasions, users Attached with the images links to download them with different sizes. The Reddit thread does not keep more mystery, it is just a huge collection of images between which you can navigate without any problem until you find that original wallpaper that you have searched for so long.

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