How to put the inside of your mobile as wallpaper

HTC was the first brands in make the inside of your smartphones a part of the exterior design, through translucent glass backs that showed part of the device's insides. Later, firms such as Xiaomi joined this fashion – albeit in a somewhat false manner – and even modifications that consisted in removing the paint layer inside the glass to make its back were popularized totally transparent.

But if your phone does not have a design like the HTC U12 Plus or the Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer, and you are not willing to open your glass phone to modify its appearance, there is an alternative: “transparent” wallpapers.

Show the ins and outs of your phone with these iFixit wallpapers

The people of iFixit have been a reference in the assembly, disassembly and repair of electronic devices for years. On its website, the company publishes “reparability” analysis of the most popular models, detailed with the steps to follow in case we need to do the same with our device. For some time now, the firm has decided to take more advantage of these analyzes, creating wallpapers inside the terminals, and offer them for download totally free.

Today, the iFixit blog wallpaper category is packed with wallpapers of some of the most popular devices, from companies such as Huawei, Samsung, Google or OnePlus. For each of them, in addition, they are offered Two types of wallpapers: one that represents the “real” interior of the terminal, and another with an “X-ray” effect, in both cases with the right resolution to fit the screen perfectly of the device in question. Below we list the background images available for each model – in order to use the images as background, it is necessary to add the extension “.png” to the files whose name ends in “.full” -.

  • Samsung

  • Google

  • Huawei

  • Oneplus

At the moment, these are all devices whose interiors have been immortalized by iFixit in the form of wallpapers. It is very likely that the list will grow over the weeks, so that we will update this article With the new images available. In the meantime, and in case your terminal is not included, we recommend you take a look at our weekly selection of mobile wallpapers.

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