Mobile Royale, a game that mixes role, resource management and battles

Find a good Android game Not to abuse micropayments and advertisements is not usually a simple task, especially if, on top of that, you want to have good graphics, offer a mechanic beyond casual and, of course, be fun. As we said, it is not simple, but there is a recent title that is hitting quite strongly: Mobile Royale.

This developer game IGG He has been in the Android app store for about four weeks and has already achieved over a million downloads. The ratings are mostly positive, and we think it is right: we have been testing the game and it is recommended.

Mobile Royale is a role-playing game, also of battles and resource management. It has heroes, we must collect items, get our castle level up … In short, it is one of those games that is gradually evolving and is always there to take a while in the dead times.

A game that combines classic RPG classics well while adapting to mobile needs

Mobile Royale is a game that drinks from another of the great IGG titles, Lords Mobile. In fact, in a good part of sections it is very similar, so, if you played the first one, you will know perfectly how the new app works. Even if you already played a similar title on Android: the resource management disguised as RPG It is a fairly popular genre.

As with more or less complex mobile games, the first thing you should do is the guided tutorial. Throughout the first minutes you will know how the access to the heroes works, how to invoke them, you will know how to evolve the levels of the different buildings of your kingdom, you can create more units of your army … And, as a main course, you will have your reach various campaigns to try epic battles.

The battles against the various enemy troops are carried out automatically; being able to take control of certain heroes and other units, such as the dargón. Mythological animals will be habitual characters, even some of them you can collect. Everything to get an army as powerful as possible because in this way you will not only evolve in history, you will also have more skills to fight against other players online.

It is a game that covers a lot and runs the risk of getting bored with somewhat predictable battles or lack of strategy in the fighting. Also the times for the completion of the tasks can be long; Not to mention that, of course, Mobile Royale puts some pressure on purchases so that it becomes easier to evolve. Even so, it seems quite balanced since it does not frustrate after a few hours of play.

Mobile Royale is a complex game that, with a little practice, becomes quite simple

Mobile Royale is a free Android game which makes use of micropayments to finance itself. The balance makes this freemium title highly recommended: you can enjoy it without spending a penny. And it lacks ads, another big point in favor of the game