"Night mode" reaches Google Duo video calls: how it works

Unlike his "sister" Google Allo, Duo, Google’s video call application has managed to find its place, and it has become one of the voice and video calling apps most used by Android users. Part of its popularity comes from the company's commitment to provide the app with useful functions and tools with which to attract a growing public.

In the middle of this same year, Duo introduced some expected functions such as the possibility of making group video calls with up to 8 people, a data-saving mode or the ability to customize video messages. Now, after several months of sequa regarding news, Google announces the arrival of a Low light mode to Google Duo.

As the name suggests, this option is intended for improve image quality in video calls made in low light environments. Thanks to this function, the image is adjusted so that the subject appears more visible. This process will be carried out automatically after pressing the low light mode button that appears on the taskbar during a video call.

People often light their homes with a single bulb when electricity is expensive, and even then, power outages are still common in many areas, leaving people in the dark at night when many video calls with family and friends occur. .

Google has not detailed how this option really works, and since the version with this function included is not yet available for download. However, seeing the progress made by Google with the night mode in the camera of its Pixel, it is expected that the operation is excellent, as long as the conditions accompany.

This function is present in Google Duo version 60, whose deployment start today through Google Play Store. However, Google points out that the low light mode will begin to be available over the next few weeks on both iOS and Android.

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