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We have been receiving clues and details about the time new Redmi smartphone Everything points to the Redmi Note 8 arrive soon, and at this point we have even been able to see the occasional real image of the phone. as well as being his younger brother, the Redmi 8A.

And now, when the news about the Redmi Note 8 seems that they are not going to give us truce, it was the company itself that has confirmed even more information about this device, and that is His presentation will be held on August 29 in China, where the new terminal arrive to accompany another product signed by Redmi.

Redmi celebrate its next event on August 29

Through Weibo, Redmi CEO Lu Weibing has recently announced that the company will launch a smart TV with a 70-inch 4K resolution in China, in an event that will take place next day August 29.

However, given that the company itself has already been giving clues about its new smartphone, from the moment Weibing confirmed the date of the event, rumors have begun to emerge that pointed to the arrival of Redmi Note 8 in it. But as they say from the XDA-Developers portal, to clarify the doubts, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun himself responds positively in his Weibo profile to the question of if the Redmi Note 8 series will be presented on August 29.

Therefore, unless Jun has decided to create even more expectation and incidentally encourage us to follow the presentation of the new Redmi Smart TV, it is very likely that the new flagship smartphone in the segment of the affordable mid-range Redmi be presented within a little more than a week.

Today, from Redmi Note 8 we know that being the smartphone in charge of releasing a new design style within the brand catalog, with more modern lines and a new strip located at the back, in charge of hosting the cameras and the fingerprint reader. Rumors suggest that the inside of the phone will be led by the processor MediaTek Helio G90T focused on gaming, although other tracks indicate that Xiaomi will bet again on a Qualcomm platform. I'm afraid we will leave doubts next August 29, unless the leaks anticipate all its details.

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