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One UI 2.0 reach Samsung phones with Android Q

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At the time of launching the Android 9 Pie, a great bet was chosen; This was the introduction of the One UI. One UI provides a new layer of customization; This is a total and absolute renovation of all spaces of your software. The use of the device with one hand is implemented and encouraged; Another character they add is that of native dark mode, and other features ms. With all the updates that have emerged, One UI has been responsible for reaching many devices. It seems the successor of this next to arrive so you have to be vigilant.

According to what Sammobile reports, regarding the new Android update, Android 10 Q; This will not only take all that collection of developments and updates made by Google; but it will also take what is new to bring the One UI 2.0. There are some details about the next version of the user interface that is worth highlighting.

Features of the new One UI 2.0

It is expected that the next Note 10 will not launch with UI 2.0, but will come with Android 9 Pie and One UI 1.1. That said, from Sammobile they say that “we can confirm that One UI 2.0 include all the Digital Wellness improvements announced by Google in the May conference". Among the improvements you can mention the focus mode; which serves to silence applications and prevents interruptions when concentration is required in some activity. It is also played with the possibility of adding a Live captions; which is a new function to subtitle in real time.

Finally, other rumors inform that there is a probability that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will come with Android Q included. Apart from this additional one, the One UI 2.1 will also be pre-installed; Therefore we will be in front of a Smartphone with all the relevant updates and working at 100%. This will be what we should see at the doors of MWC 2020 if everything continues as it has done so far. Version 1.1 did not bring too many new features to the Galaxy S10 beyond Bixby's routines. So it may be a minor update. Only time dir.

Therefore we must be waiting for announcements about more details of the next One UI. The new update has us all very anxious and the expectation, we will be attentive to inform.


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