PUBG Mobile receives a new mode, but people are not happy

Our smartphone has become one of the most popular consoles in recent years. The current power of the phones has allowed developers to create great games that little or nothing have to envy to the console or computer. So much so, that we have some identical games, such as Fortnite. Another of the games that respect their origin of PC, is PUBG Mobile. The Tencent game is one of the most popular Battle Royale to date and has millions of players. Today it has been updated with a new mode.

There are times when more is not better. This occurs in many aspects of phones, such as the megapixels of your camera, for example. We also see it in some games and it is the case of PUBG Mobile, which has added a new game mode, but that has not pleased his community of players, who have taken advantage of the launch of the update to show their complaints to the developer.

PUBG Mobile needs to simplify and listen to its players

The fact is that PUBG Mobile has launched a new zombie mode with a new map as well. It is the infection mode and we must survive as long as possible. In case of not doing so, we will become zombies that we can control, for the first time in this game. This is a way that has nothing to do with the Battle Royale mechanics of PUBG Mobile, which is why its players are complaining (among other things).

The reason for your complaints is that PUBG Mobile has lost some of the essence it had. It was a simple game and its interface too. In addition, within what fits, despite the graphics and map size, it was relatively light, with just over 1 GB in weight. Right now, for the new PUBG Mobile players it is chaos and we say it from our own experience. If you have not seen the game interface evolve, Now it is full of mens, baffling funds, market options, purchase of boxes, missions, etc..

This, together with the game modes added, which are not especially popular, have caused the weight of the game exceeds today's 3 GB. In addition, this latest update is moving the HUD to some players, who are being forced to reposition the buttons in order to play again. And there are still many more critics that can be read in the thread created at the time of the tweet announcing the update in question. By the way, the weight of this update, exceeds 700 MB, so we recommend that you do it over WiFi.