Share photos on iOS 13 and iPadOS allow you to remove your location and other functions

iOS 13 and iPadOS are much more than a simple update to bring the dark mode to Apple's mobile devices. In addition to the great news they bring, there is a very interesting improvement: when it comes to sharing photos we will be able to choose if we want to send also location and other extra functions. Let's see what they consist of.

What data is shared when sending our photos

When we take a picture with our iPhone or iPad, the device records a series of data in the file. They are the ones they are known as "metadata", where details such as date, time and location of the photo are saved.

But also other more specific as the brand and model of the camera, tablet or smartphone. In addition to sea level or lens speed. If you want to do the test to see the type of data that is saved with a photo, you can check it on your Mac with Preview. Open an image and press cmd + i to show you the information it stores in each file. Undoubtedly, of all metadata the location is the most sensitive.

It is something that is known as EXIF ​​data, which we talked about a long time ago. So far, to delete this data from an iPhone we needed to download an app. Starting with iOS 13 and iPadOS, we will be able to delete the location by sharing it.

How to remove the location of your photos by sharing them

On a device with iPadOS or iOS 13 you will be able to delete the location data when sharing a photo. Regardless of whether you do it via AirDrop, messages, email or any other goes. Select an image from Photos and share. You should see the following menu:

Up in the center is a button with more options. When pressed, see the following options:

Here vers a series of options. The one that interests us is the third one, with which you can choose whether or not you share the location. As shown in this second screenshot, there are other functions that have been grouped in this menu:

  • Share the individual photo.
  • Send it via a link to iCloud, a feature that came up with iOS 12 last year.
  • Include the location or not.
  • Share all photo data.

In this last section Apple explains that more data can be shared than what a photo normally takes. When we edit an image through Photos (clippings, filters, colors, etc.), This saves the original file. But by sharing it, only the final result is sent. With this new option we will be able to send all that "history" of changes so that the receiver can work on the original photo.

The new versions of iOS and iPadOS allow you to choose between these functions when sharing a photo. It is not a big change, but now being faster and we can also save ourselves from using an app from a third party.

Share Share photos on iOS 13 and iPadOS allow you to remove your location and other features