The mystical PC game finally on your mobile

We say it with every release of a great Android game: mobile games are a serious thing. Until recently, almost all the titles we found on the platform correspond to the same style of play, mechanics, etc. Little variety after all. Recently, we are seeing great developers take their computer games and consoles to mobile platforms. This has happened with Fortnite and a few days ago with DOOM or PUBG Mobile. The next great game to get to Android be Tropico.

If you missed being able to be the president of an entire city on your mobile, don't worry, because soon you can play Tropico with your phone. At the moment it is only available for prior registration, but We already know how much this game costs and we can tell you that it is not exactly cheap. I know that it is true that Tropico throw us dozens and even hundreds of hours of entertainment, something that many mobile games cannot say.

Tropico exceed 10 sale price

In case you do not know Tropico, it is a game in which you will put yourself in the place of a president (dictator if you wish). In your role in this government position, you must make the city prosper, in any way you can think of. You must create urbanization plans to increase the amount of housing in the city, in order to increase its population, create roads, industry … You can even spy on different citizens to prevent them from going against your interests.

Tropico is one of the great games of recent years and its success in computers has managed to take it to mobile platforms. At the moment we leave you the link of the previous registration from Google Play but apparently the game cost 11.99 euros. It is expensive, but We remember that we are paying for a game with exquisite mechanics and functionality, not to mention the game time we offer, literally infinite.

We still do not know the final departure date of this classic, but if we do the previous registration, we will be notified at the same time that Feral Interactive (the developer), make it public on Google Play, that be on September 5, in less than a month. Little by little we see how the mobile video game scene is improving and partly it is thanks to the increase in power that mobile processors are suffering.