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The Redmi flagship will arrive next to a laptop

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During an event in China, the Redmi sub brand has presented its first product outside from the smartphone market, in the case of the Redmi A1 washing machine with 8 kg capacity. Rumors suggest that on May 13 Another presentation event will take place. During this you will be meeting to the flagship of the signature with processor Snapdragon 855. In addition to the launch of the device it has been suggested that Redmi be launching another product, and according to the latest leaks It will be a laptop.

Possible first Redmi laptop on May 13

Since the introduction of an additional product along with the Redmi flagship was suggested, speculation began to emerge. First it was thought that they were home automation devices. According to a message on Twitter from Sudhanshu Ambhore this is not so. Seala that along with the Redmi flagship arrive The company's first laptop or laptop.

It is striking that the message use the word "laptops" in a plural way. This will mean that there will be several models of laptops under the Redmi seal that we will meet on May 13. The message also says that it will be similar to the Xiaomi Mi Notebook. This will not be unusual considering that they come from the same main house. It will also be a strategy similar to that followed by Huawei with Honor, presenting different lines of products of the same type with the seal of both brands, with the sub brand offering the most accessible devices for the pocket.

There is no further evidence that this is true beyond the same message that suggests it. However, it does not seem to be far from reality, seeing the products available by Xiaomi in the market. The Chinese giant already manufactures laptops, and it will be nothing unusual for them to want to expand their potential public. This would be through cheaper versions under its sub brand. In the case of Huawei they have the MateBook while Honor offers the MagicBook.

If true, Redmi laptops will definitely be cheaper than those offered under the Xiaomi seal, which are not expensive anymore. Although of course, this will mean certain sacrifices in terms of hardware. They may choose not to use dedicated graphics cards or to use cheaper building materials. It will be necessary to see if the filtration becomes reality and if it ends up leaving the Chinese market.


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