LG announces the world's thinnest LCD

LG, the manufacturer of South Korea He reported that the world's thinnest LCD TVs, only 5.9 mm thick, have been developed.

The LG He has not announced the dates on which we will be able to buy these new TVs, but I do know that they have two models of these new TVs, one 42 ″ and another 47 inches, which weigh, respectively, 6.1 and 7.3 pounds, (ie 2.7Kg and 3.3Kg respectively) half of the normal weight for televisions of that size and nothing comparable to the weight of the tube televisions (CRT) that more than one of us had to move in removals.

As for the new models that we have prepared LG, this company did not give great technical details, but it is known that the screens are Full HD (that is, they reach a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels) and have LED backlighting. LG ensures that the image quality is achieved through these screens are better than what is on the market today (this could not be otherwise … I do not see this company throwing stones on its own roof or saying bad things about a new product they want to sell us).

Source: engadget

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