European Union fine Intel with 1.06 million euros

The European Union imposed a fine of 1.06 million euros on Intel for monopolistic practices, the highest fine applied to a company, even above those previously imposed on Microsoft.

According Neelie Kroes, Commissioner of Competition in the European Union «Intel processor company has acted against millions of European consumers«, When making movements to keep the competition in second place for years.

The European Union He concluded that Intel pays manufacturers in order to delay or cancel their plans to launch chip-based products from AMD, Intel I paid different manufacturers to use these chips IntelIn addition to paying to pay other large retailers so that they had only computers equipped with their chips in their stores.

The European Commission In addition to imposing this sanction, it required Intel that it immediately put an end to these illegal practices, as they continue to be carried out. The Commission says that Intel You can offer discounts, provided that these are not illegal and that limit manufacturers to buy products from other chip manufacturers (AMD).

Intel You have a period of three months to pay this fine, which represents 4.15% of the turnover of the company in 2008 and as we said before is the largest jams imposed on a company.

Source: Yahoo News

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