How to encrypt a keyboard to prevent information from being stolen

A keylogger It is a malicious file that is responsible for saving everything we write on the computer. Be they pages, conversations or more importantly, passwords. That is why we must do everything possible to avoid them and protect ourselves against such attacks. In the article today I teach you how to encrypt a keyboard to prevent information theft.

How to encrypt a keyboard

For today's tutorial we will make use of a program. With what we will be carrying out some maneuvers so that the undesirable one that has infected us only receives random characters. Follow the steps that will put you ahead and keep your assets safe.

  1. All right, the first thing we are going to do is get our tools. For this we are going to download KeyScrambler. Once we have it, we will have to install it on our computer. When the process is over, he will ask us to restart it.
  2. How to encrypt a keyboard

  3. Once our computer has finished loading the programs, we will go to the lower right corner. We will open the box and we will have to see an icon like the one we will put next.
  4. How to encrypt a keyboard to avoid keyloggers

  5. We will press the button on it and read “options”. We have to leave a box with the different options for us to edit them to our liking. Put them to your liking, and once you finish press on «Ok». If you have done well, when you open your browser, see a box like this on the top.
  6. How to encrypt a keyboard to avoid keyloggers

  7. And that's it, we're done. Easy, right?

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