How to know if they block you on whatsapp, we explain it step by step

Whatsapp is currently one of the giants of the instant messenger. The great majority, to say everyone, make use of this application in ours. Although it has really good work uses, it is also used as a means of communication with our loved ones. The problem comes when we have an discussion with someone or they don't get our messages. That is when we wonder if we have been blocked. That's why today we are going to teach you How to know if they block you on whatsapp.

How to know if they block you on whatsapp

One of the options WhatsApp has is to block another contact. What we do with this is to cut off any communication with the other person. Many times it happens that we really do not know if the other has us blocked or the connection is simply going wrong. Especially if we have discussed with another person or the communication did not end in good terms. So, let's put the fundamental points to know if we have been blacklisted.

  • First of all, it is normal for messages not to arrive. With this we want to say thatthe second check symbol does not appear, which means he doesn't read us. How to know if it is because it has no connection at that time ?, because it is rare that someone is so long without entering. It is a matter of tying up ends.
  • How to know if they block you on whatsapp

  • Another interesting fact is to see that his last connection was a long time ago. Above all, he suspects whether it was precisely from that one that things did not go well.
  • But the most important thing, and being the key point to tell us if we have been blocked on WhatsApp is… yes You invite someone to a group and it is not possible to add them.With this you need no more suspicion, research or guesswork. You have been categorically and without any blockade of any kind.
  • With these steps you already know everything you need. And if the affirmative case happens, well … we are very sorry, but don't worry, there are many fish in the sea.

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