How to reset Wiko Bloom 2 in two simple ways

In this opportunity we will show you two fast, simple and functional methods to reset the Wiko Bloom 2 in an efficient way.

The Wiko Bloom 2 is a Smartphone that has an Android 4.4 Kit Kat operating system, and has a 1.3 GHz Quad-Core processor with 4GB of ROM and 1GB of RAM, that is, the navigation of this equipment It is fluid and effective. The Wiko Bloom 2 has a micro SD slot, so you can expand its memory up to 32GB.

In addition, this Smartphone is provided with a 4.7 screen. It has 8MP high resolution main camera and 2MP front camera, both equipped with a wide variety of effects and options, allowing you to preserve your best moments dynamically and uniquely.

How to reset Wiko Bloom 2 by applying two simple and practical methods:

There is a possibility that your Wiko Bloom 2 may have some type of discomfort such as excessive slowness, the shelter of some virus or a sudden shutdown. To do this, it is necessary to execute a hard reset sure so that your Smartphone looks like new.

Next, we will show you two easy, practical and simple methods that you can do yourself to perform the hard reset of your phone using the hardware keys and the configuration of Android Kit Kat 4.4, thus obtaining, a fully functional and core device MediaTek MT6582 much faster. Remember that before performing the hard reset of the Wiko Bloom 2 you must save your important files, otherwise you will lose them all.

First method to do a hard reset to Wiko Bloom 2

1. To start, the phone must be turned off. To do this, it is necessary to press the Power button for a few seconds.

2. Once the phone is switched off, press and hold the Volume up, Volume down and Power buttons simultaneously.

3. Once a menu appears showing two options on the screen, release the previously pressed buttons.

4. Now, press the Volume up key and quickly access the Android Recovery System.

5. Use the Volume buttons to select and the power button to confirm, and then choose the Clear data / Factory reset option

6. After that, select S, delete all user data

7. Finally, restart the phone from the option Restart the system now

8. Excellent! You have made the hard reset of your Wiko Bloom 2 quickly, safely and easily.

Second method to do a hard reset Wiko Blom 2

1. To execute the second method it is necessary that the telephone is fully on. If it is off, just press the power key for a few seconds.

2. Now, go to settings and then to Backup and Reset.

3. Once there, find and select the Factory data reset option

4. Finally, select Restart device and after that, choose Delete all. At this point, all your files will be permanently deleted.

5. Good job! If you followed the steps described, the reset of your Wiko Bloom 2 has been executed efficiently.

We would love to know your experience during the application of any of the two methods mentioned above to reset the Wiko Bloom 2. Cuntanos how it was with the hard reset of your smartphone and comment In the little box below, it seemed easier to you.

Here is an explanatory video to facilitate your reset process. Thanks for choosing us!