Microsoft has announced a new generation of Xbox game consoles

The great novelty of these new Microsoft consoles is that they are based on AMD processors, are equipped with an SSD, support a resolution of up to 8K and reach 120 fps

Microsoft, as expected, used the E3 fair as a stage or showcase for the announcement of its new generation of game consoles Xbox. The next year will be launched for the autumn holiday season, but the key features of the platform have already been known.

The announcement turned out to be more conversational than substantive. All the "interesting" details about the next generation of Xbox (Scarlett project) leave the following video, in which the developers talk about the new system.

From the series of short monologues, it follows that the system actually uses an AMD CPU in the Zen 2 architecture and a Navi graphics processor with the RDNA architecture with GDDR6 memory. The latter provide a frame rate, "which we have never seen." The console supports connections with 8K TVs and speeds of up to 120 fps, and also supports Ray Tracing technology.

The new Xbox CPU and GPU are developed by AMD in cooperation with Microsoft.

The new Xbox CPU and GPU have been developed by AMD in cooperation with Microsoft.

The developers of the Playstation 5 They announced the use of SSD-type hard drives in their next console a few months ago. And Microsoft is not going to be left behind in this matter. Moreover, the solid state unit of the new generation of Xbox is used not only for the intended purpose, but also as a "virtual RAM": this will improve the performance of the subsystem 40 times. And, of course, the games will load much faster.

If the features of the new Xbox seem familiar, it's for a reason. Almost everything is the same as "seen" in the future PlayStation 5, from compatibility with the screen to the SSD. Even the key components of these consoles, CPU and GPU, will be similar (or even the same).

The new generation of Xbox will be launched simultaneously with the game Halo Infinite. The developers have already prepared a trailer for the next video games that we will see on this console for almost six minutes.

The developers of the new Xbox promise game compatibility for current versions of the console.

Source: The Verge

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