Project Ara allow disassembling the modules without restarting as if it were a puzzle

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<p style=You remember the Project Ara?, That group project “Advanced Technologies and Products” (ATAP) of Google what was Built-in after Motorola purchase, and that when it was sold, it remained. Well, we have fresh news, sincePaul Eremenko, Head of Project Ara Department, has announced several very interesting news.

Ara’s idea is power mount a smartphone to our liking, having endless customization possibilities. And in order to do this, the Mr. Paul I explain how we will be able to exchange the modules as if Lego pieces were treated, and for that, they incorporatea modified software of Android L.Even though Some parts such as RAM and the processor cannot be separated without first turning off the terminal.

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<p style=Google and Linaro are working together to improve that modification of the next version of Android. In the following Project Ara convention scheduled for next month of December, we will see even more. Finally everyone’s dream is coming, having one of those bugs in our hands.

Do you see it useful? Would you like to have one or do you settle for the ones in the market now?