How to change to the new Twitter look before everyone else


Pixabay graphic / CNET illustration

Twitter will no longer be only white and blue as the official colors of its logo. After testing several new designs, the social network has finally given us new ways to see our timelineunder a new design in the desktop app.

The new Twitter look It allows you to change the background color and the size and colors of the letters. Twitter told us that it is also exploring the option of having these new designs in the mobile version.

Along with these new color options, there is a new design that is more in line with the Twitter application for phones. For example, see a sidebar on the left side that shows the Start, Notifications, Messages, Profile, and more buttons.

To access the new features, you must move from your old Twitter to the new one look from Twitter Keep in mind that Twitter is still implementing the new features, so check back if you don't see the changes immediately.

Here we tell you how to change to the newlook from Twitter:

Katie Conner / CNET screenshot

one. The first thing you should do is change to the new look by clicking on your settings and choosing Try the new Twitter.

two. All your Twitter design change and your settings menu will move to the left. Click on the three dots where it says Ms..

3. Click on Display.

There are several customizable options. This is what they do:

Change the size of the letters and to the bottom of your Twitter page.

Katie Conner / CNET

Font size: You now have four font size (or font) options, from small to large. This affects the entire text of your Twitter page: settings, tweets, trends. Choose the option that best suits your needs by touching the circles that correspond to the font size options.

Colour: At last! Now there are new color options. You can choose to keep the blue of Twitter, but now you can choose yellow, pink, purple, orange and green. That will change the color of the links, Start, Tweet and Follow.

Background: Now there are three background options to choose from. There is Default, which is the original white background, Dark that turns on the gray screen and Lights off, which makes the background completely black (also known as dark mode or dark mode).