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Android 10: the goodbye to dessert-based names

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Today will be remembered as The end of an era. Google announced that Android Q don't receive a dessert nickname. This was a tradition that had been going on for a decade. Android Q just be call "Android 10". Along with the announcement, Google has launched a new look so that the Android brand accompanies it.

Google says it has heard comments over the years about the nicknames of the desserts. They mention that these are not always understood by the global community. The example they give is that of the letters L and R, which are not distinguished in some languages. So, if someone says "Android Lollipop", it is not clear that they are talking about the successor version of KitKat. Google also talks about how some of the goodies they used were not desserts or were not very popular in some regions.

It’s important for Google that the names are clear on a global scale for anyone. As of now, Android versions they will bear as their last name simply their number. We are not sure what this means for beta versions that have generally been used in a single letter (Android P, Android Q, etc.).

Next, Google has announced a redesigned logo and a color scheme for the Android brand. The last time Google updated the brand was in 2014. The new logo features the well-known Android robot, although only head, in a new shade of green. The word mark of Android is now in black (or white).

The final version of Android 10 include this updated brand when it is released in the "coming weeks." In the end, the most important thing about the Android operating system was always in its functionality and great support from the community. However, surely more than one feels a little sad about this broken tradition. After all, it was something that especially identified Android compared to other systems.


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