Is Android for laptops ready?

Yesterday was the day that Google introduced its new devices. In this appointment we did not expect much more than the two rumored Nexus and a new Chromecast, but in the end there was an unexpected guest, the Google Pixel C, a device that caught our attention for a series of small details.

This device is a tablet convertible into a laptop in the purest Surface style, pointing directly to users who are committed to productivity. The first thing that catches our attention is that this new tablet it's a 100% Google device, without any external collaborator. It is not a Nexus, but as if it were, since Google continues to develop the software, while the hardware department is in charge of another department of the great G.

Google Pixel C: It's not a Nexus, but as if it were

This department is none other than the team that until recently was dedicated to the manufacture of Chromebook Pixel, the computers with Chrome OS of greater range that we can find. Could Google put its efforts into turning Android into a desktop operating system that replaces Chrome OS?

google pixel c

Chrome OS is an operating system designed to directly access the Internet. The concept itself is fine, but the main problem that Chrome OS has is that the requirements of this system are tremendously low due to the slow growth experienced by the web. In the latest movements of Google We have looked at the interest they are acquiring in the sale of hardware, and in that aspect Android is infinitely more lucrative than ChromeOS.

This does not mean that Google thinks about ending Chrome OS, since the system is working tremendously well in its main markets, but to correct the error of developing high-end devices for a segment in which there are not so many benefits. Similarly, investing in themselves as a manufacturer, they eliminate the dependence they have on third companies to create their own products, as is the case with the Nexus brand.

Is Android up to Pixel C?

Android is a much more promising environment for the Pixel team. With the arrival of Marshmallow, Android is an increasingly mature operating system, so a high-end product oriented to productivity It makes more sense. The Google Pixel C looks like a pretty promising device, but we have certain doubts about whether Android will live up to this device.

Android has always been a step behind Apple compared to tablets, but with Material Design they seem to have put the batteries. There are more and more applications on Android that take advantage of the interface for tablets, but given the pretensions of the Pixel C, this we know little.

surface 3 microsoft

The Google Pixel C is not just a tablet, but comes to the market with a keyboard designed to transform it into a laptop, so the fight is no longer solely against the iPad, but against products such as the Microsoft Surface, which includes Windows 10, the latest version of the Microsoft operating system, so the current Android version is below its competition in terms of application catalog.

Even so, Google has come a long way in this section with Android for Work and Android for Classroom, and even the Microsoft Office suite for Android itself reinforces the catalog of tools for productivity.

Android for laptops is not yet ready, but that must be your future

A highlight where the Microsoft tablet shines is in the convergence of your operating system. When we use the Microsoft tablet as a tablet, we have an interface for tablets, while when we connect your keyboard its interface automatically becomes that of a desktop computer.

remix os

In this sense, Android is not alone, since the IOS desktop interface for the iPad pro is still very green. The problem that Google has on this occasion is that the Pixel C has no desktop mode, while Apple is already available to the public. On the other hand, the solution could be less complicated than it seems. Thanks to the open nature of Android there are development teams such as Remix OS, an alternative version of Android designed to work as a desktop system, from which they can learn a lot, or even easier, sign them directly.

The Google Pixel C does not seem to be destined to be the best seller that Google would like to have, but it seems that it will be the platform from which they can refine all their software lacks. If Google does its homework, it is possible that in the next Google I / O we can find a new version of Android focused on these tablets with computer skills.